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FCTC Hiring Announcements

Please make sure to read job announcements carefully!

Every department has their own unique set of requirements.

Click here to see a list of all departments utilizing FCTC's Statewide Eligibility List (SEL).  

To view the minimum requirements to be placed on the SEL click here.


  The Chula Vista Fire Department will soon be seeking eligible candidates for open Firefighter Recruit positions. Check back here for an official department announcement.


The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District is seeking candidates for open Firefighter/Paramedic positions. Click here for more information.


 The Riverside Fire Department is seeking candidates for open Firefighter positions. Click here for more information. 


       The Sacramento Fire Department will be hiring directly from FCTC's Statewide Eligibility List. 



To view a list of departments that are utilizing FCTC's testing services, but not its Statewide Eligibility List, click here.  


Keep checking back here for the latest info on departments hiring from the FCTC Statewide Eligibility List. For more info on how to get on the list, click HERE.