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FCTC is considered an essential agency, and as such, remains open for testing. 

FCTC LIVERMORE, SACRAMENTO, SAN DIEGO AND SOUTH EL MONTE: These sites have reopened with strict safety protocols and procedures in place and are available for scheduling.

FCTC ORANGE: This site remains closed until further notice.

ADDITIONAL FACILITIES: FCTC is continuing to secure additional facilities for written testing in Central and Southern California and will add them to the schedule as they become available.

CANCELLED EVENTS IN PENDING DUE TO COVID-19: You may access your pending events at any time from the dashboard in your FCTC profile. By clicking on the pending event, you will be able to reschedule into any open event of the same event type (CPAT Orientation, CPAT Practice, CPAT Test, Written Test Prep, or Written Test) that works best for you. If you are not seeing any available dates (grayed out), we recommend you continue to check back in the upcoming weeks for additional availability.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? All FCTC staff members are still working remotely at this time. We encourage you to utilize the new FCTC Chat Support feature, located at the bottom right of your screen, or feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns. 





Fair, validated general-knowledge test, tailored to the fire service


FCTC's Candidate Physical Ability Test, the standard in California


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