Written Test

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The FCTC Written Test

The Firefighter Candidate Testing Center's Written Test provides departments with an effective baseline assessment of a candidate's ability to handle core tasks required of a firefighter.

The fully validated FCTC Written Test goes beyond simple language and math skills to assess a candidate's memory, mechanical and problem-solving skills. Video and written examples -- developed by the fire service for the fire service -- assures departments of candidates that have the best chance of succeeding in an increasingly technical profession.

The test is 2.5 hours and 100 multiple choice questions. Candidate test scores are good for 12 months.

Fair and Objective

The FCTC Written Test was developed from the ground up by a 16-member panel of experts -- fire chiefs, line firefighters, recruitment officers and human resource professionals, from departments large and small. The test is 2.5 hours and 100 multiple choice questions. Candidates who can't afford to take the test can apply for scholarships to cover the cost through the California Fire Foundation.

Fully Secure

The FCTC written test is administered on-site at our FCTC facilities. FCTC does not offer online testing. Test participants are not allowed to bring anything into the test or take anything away. A signed, legally-binding non-disclosure agreement covers every individual involved with the creation and administration of the test, including the advisory committee. 

Fully Validated

The FCTC Written Test has been validated in accordance with standards established through the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, based on a comprehensive survey of department needs. Technical guidance and validation was conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Savitsky, a recognized national expert with 30 years of experience in public safety personnel development. Dr. Savitsky conducted the validation for the Candidate Physical Ability Test.

Tuned to Your Standards

FCTC's Written Test provides the security and fairness of a statewide standard with the flexibility to meet your needs. A full written transportability study establishes the test's compatibility with your local standards. Individual departments retain the right to identify their own unique passing grade. 

A Commitment to Diversity

FCTC's Written Test is backed by over 30 years of recruitment experience of the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (Cal-JAC). FCTC's test is designed to be accessible to women and men who have the basic capability for the job. 

Cost Effective for Departments

As with CPAT, the testing expense is borne by the candidate. Cal-JAC-affiliated departments may utilize FCTC's written exam and/or statewide list at no cost. Non-Cal-JAC departments pay only a nominal charge to FCTC when they actually hire someone from the FCTC list.