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Financial Hardship 

All persons should have an equal opportunity to pursue employment within the fire service, regardless of financial situation. The California Fire Foundation has partnered with California’s Firefighter Candidate Testing Center (FCTC) to provide grants to cover all event fees associated with the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and the FCTC Written Test (up to a $275 value). All event fees covered by the grant may be used at facilities located in California. Grants are awarded to candidates who provide evidence of financial hardship.  

Please click here to view the application and methods for qualification.  

California Fire Foundation Grant ($275) include fees for the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and Written Test events below: 

(2) Orientations – CPAT pre-test program 
(2) Practices $25 – CPAT pre-test program 
(1) CPAT Test $150 
(1) Written Test Preparation Course $25 
(1) Written Test $50 

Candidate agrees to the following terms: 

A candidate who does not attend all four (4) pre-test events for the CPAT must sign a waiver form on their test day acknowledging they did not attend all of the required events.    

Fees:  The fees from this grant are good for 12 months from date of award.  If the grantee has not completed their CPAT and/or Written Test within those 12 months, they will have to re-apply and qualify for a second grant.  An individual may be awarded up to two (2) grants.  

Denial of Second Grant Request:  A candidate who falls under any of the reasons below, waives the opportunity for a second Grant: 

  • Was a no-show to their scheduled CPAT 
  • Did not participate in all four (4) required CPAT pre-test events and failed their CPAT 
  • Was a no-show to their scheduled Written Test 

Rescheduling Your Test:  Candidates may reschedule their test date up to two (2) business days prior to their event date without penalty.  Changes less than two (2) business days before an event will be subject to termination of grant without an appropriate reason in writing and approved by FCTC management.